A cancer survivor,

I have written a poem, a poem to inspire.


It is entitled

“Red Leather Yellow Feather”



I took the poem and its message to hospitals and cancer centres all around the UK, on my bike.


Beginning on May 1st 2017

I pedalled one thousand miles.



Two aims


To inspire cancer patients to be strong, overcome the odds, live today and look forward to tomorrow.


To inspire all those touched by cancer, family, friends, patients themselves, to put their hearts onto paper, write a poem, submit it to this website. I have now published the book of poems alongside the story of my journey (available here), all proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support.


P is for Paul


After three years of cancer treatment I’ve come through the tunnel.


So many people helped me along the way, so many people were walking through the same tunnel with me.


Some never came out.


This is my chance to give a bit back.


P is for People


A hotelier all my working life, people are central to my world. Empathy is a big word for me. I love to be part of the mix, but then I have to be alone sometimes too, on my bike perhaps, or walking along a windy clifftop, perfectly happy writing a few lines in front of a log fire on a winter’s evening.


P is for Poetry


A lover of words, a lover of rhythm, fascinated how just a few lines can create a mood, a sound, stir the imagination, transmit a message, inspire – poetry in its simplest form, pure relaxation.


P is for Pedal


Fresh air in the lungs, tension in the muscles, colour in the cheeks (!), my bike is my freedom, my love of the countryside, my challenge.


P is for Privileged


- Privileged to be alive.


- Privileged that treatment was available for me.


- Privileged that the NHS, despite its problems and pressures, was so positive. And free.


- Privileged that Macmillan cares, a real ‘people’ organisation that deserves our support.


- Privileged to meet so many great people on the journey.




Every cancer diagnosis is a shock.  It is horrible.

Each of us is faced with our own personal mountain to climb.

And we are all happy to throw each other the rope.     All proceeds go to  Macmillan Cancer Support

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